‘SOUNDBITS’ is a personal project where I’ve re-designed the audio recording app in the phone.

For this small personal project I wanted to find a quite simple and common interaction usecase, and rethink it. I picked the voice recording app in the phone; Everyone has it, no one uses it.

To transform it into something playful and interesting, I turned it into a form of sound sampler. You have four audio tracks looping sound that you can record into them. You can then play these four tracks all at once and pause and re-record them as you wish to create a beat, a acapella song, etc.





By making the recording circular, its easy to get a sense of overview. If you tap it, it zooms in on the end section of the tracks so you easily can continue recording. It’s intuitive to spin the circular disk to rewind your tracks.




This is the main feature of the app; Recording, playing and pausing tracks. Instead of cluttering this view with a text label for every action, Im using motion as feedback for the users interactions. If a track is empty, it.s still and colorless, if a track is playing, it.s spinning and colored, etc.